Who We Are

CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL) International Ministries had been a special project in the heart of its founder since 1970, and was officially established and registered with both Federal and State authorities in the United States in September of 2003 in Southern California.

CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL) International Ministries has since grown to the point of becoming one of the most effective tools for sharing opportunities and positive initiatives within the challenging communist countries of the world.

CPL is an organization that is very much appreciated and highly respected by government authorities in both the communist countries of North Korea, China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, and by revolutionary authorities from the socialist country of Venezuela and beyond.
We serve the people of the communist countries of the world through THREE major divisions:
You are invited to join CPL International Ministries in bringing HOPE to the people of the communist countries of the world by participating with us in a mission experience to a communist country, or by providing a gift that will change people’s lives for eternity.

Meet The Team

Eliseo Lozano, MBA


Fendy Wogu, MBA, MS

Chief Financial Officer

Lauren Marsh, BA

Office Manager

Mynor Escobar

Missions Director

Sara Holt, BA

CPL Canada Coordinator

Sukma Simorangkir, MA

Administrative Assistant

What We Do

We are a non-profit lay ministry committed to enhancing the quality of life in communist countries around the world and beyond. We work to bring HOPE through the love of Jesus and to serve the people we encounter, regardless of religion, race, color, age, disability or gender.

We do practice a clear principle of non-involvement in the political scenario and government decisions of any of the countries where we serve. CPL is strictly a Humanitarian / Religious Organization that serves through ministry at a moment’s notice in any of the communist countries of the world, while following JESUS as our main example of love to the people of the world.

International Mission Service Division

We lead participants on mission experiences through medical relief trips, short teaching tours, environmental initiatives (cleaning beaches, painting of rural clinics), evangelistic crusades, seminars, cultural exchanges, distribution of goods, last minute assistance in natural disasters, among many other things.

We work primarily in communist countries, but also aid in other areas of the world with special needs.

We customize mission experiences for: schools, churches, medical institutions, professionals, women’s or men’s ministry groups, graduating classes, families, non-profit organizations, ministries, etc.

We also offer the opportunity for individuals to join us on some of the mission experiences organized on a regular basis directly by CPL International.

Humanitarian Relief Division

The main goal of the CPL Humanitarian Relief Division is to provide assistance to the disadvantaged people in need throughout the world through a variety of different, but practical, initiatives.

Gospel Outreach Division

CPL leads and sponsors a range of spiritual initiatives within the communist countries of the world, in compliance with the government’s related principles and policies from every communist country where we have the privilege to serve.

CPL holds one of the most impressive and positive records of evangelistic crusades within communist countries of any Christian organization around the world. Please feel free to call for more details.