Venezuela is a country of beautiful people, large amounts of natural resources and is blessed by an amazing natural beauty. CPL President’s own mother was born in Venezuela, making CPL’s mission into this part of the world extremely special.

While Venezuela is not an official communist country according to the United Nations, the upraising of a socialist revolution in1998 changed the environment of most Venezuelans on a daily basis. More than 1million citizens of this beautiful country have left their homes walking to neighboring countries in search for real freedom and a way of survival.

One pound of beef cost the same as one person’s monthly salary. The average monthly salary under the current revolution is close to $11.00 per month. Their currency has lost so much value that people make and sell purses using their own currency rate to tourists in bordering cities of Venezuela.

In 2015 CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL) International Ministries was called to contribute to a customized response in terms of how we could help in a positive and productive way towards one of the largest humanitarian crises in the history of this world. After meeting with local-government authorities, with a clear understanding that CPL does not carry a political agenda or intervenes in any type of internal affairs, we decided to include Venezuela to our list of countries where, if allowed, we could make a positive difference in people’s lives.

The challenges in Venezuela (where more than 3 million people called their city trash a “restaurant”) have been beyond imagination. Through your financial support we have been able to:

  • Provide shoes to hundreds of thousands of people that walk (covering more than 1,700 Kilometers) to neighboring countries
  • Pay the rent of families that arrive in neighboring countries, where what was left of their homes, they carried on their back
  • Provide warm meals for thousands of Venezuelans daily
  • Provide clothes and bags with urgently needed supplies

At CPL International Ministries the spiritual component of what we do in ministry goes beyond the physical needs. Therefore, we have developed initiatives where we bring “mobile churches” to the people that escaped, meeting them in the middle of the road. We provide bibles and a detailed map of churches and spiritual oases to thousands of people along the way as a simple and real opportunity to know Jesus. Big shipments with requested medication are also sent on an on-going basis.

While other entities are still wondering how to respond, CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL) International Ministries is fully involved in supporting the spiritual path of thousands of people in this country. One of the latest initiatives is the financial support of local Native Lay Missionaries that bring HOPE where HOPE is gone. This is something we have much success in in every single communist country where we have the privilege to serve.

Thank you for coming out of your comfort zone and providing a different type of help and support, as well as, providing a life-changing experience when it is needed the most.