Welcome to the Republic of Cuba, the largest West Indies Island that spans across the Caribbean Sea. It is approximately 43,000 square miles and is home to nearly 11.5 million people. Cuba was once an affluent agricultural island as the world’s third largest supplier of succulent sugar cane. Cuba is full of beautiful people whose spirit of survival has helped overcome long years of ups and downs in their very unique economy.

Cuba became a communist country through the revolution that occurred on January 8th, 1959 led by Fidel Castro and Che. The dissolution of the Soviet Union and by extension the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance led to the downturn in Cuba’s economy by the early 1990’s known as El Período Especial (The Special Period). Food rations and strict energy use were put into effect.

Travel to modern day Cuba and you can purchase your groceries at the local government grocery store. A typical ration book will contain staples for food and beverages listed at reasonable prices for things such as beans, rice, sugar, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages. Luxury items, like dairy products, fruits, meats and vegetables are sold separately in a different store. Unfortunately, the costs are up to 26 times the amount we pay here in the United States.

The Seventh-day Adventist message first arrived in Cuba 110 years ago. The communist philosophy and ideology have not always been fertile soil for Christianity but none the less, we strive to provide HOPE to the local people for whatever the future may bring.

Cubans, regardless of their religious background, hold their FAITH very close to their hearts because it’s trust and faith that encourages them to face another day.

Join our brothers and sisters in Cuba in search for a more practical understanding of the Word of God, as well as their pursuit for a better future after Jesus’ return to take us home.

If God has placed a burden on your heart for Cuba, you will know that without you, a child, a father, or a grandmother, would not have heard the words of truth that will bring them HOPE. They are waiting for you!