Frequently Asked Questions

Is CPL Ministries a non-profit organization?
Yes! We are registered in the State of California and officially recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501C(3) corporation. We are also a Canadian registered charitable incorporation under the Income Tax Act with Registration No. 80484 9081 RR0001.

How is CPL Ministries Managed? CPL has a governing board of directors comprised of Seventh-day Adventist professionals that come from a variety of fields. We are also audited annually by a respected CPA firm. Funds donated to CPL from around the world are distributed throughout the many institutions we are connected to within the communist countries that we serve.

How is CPL staffed?
We are a 100% donation-based ministry and, as such, we are careful stewards of our donors' wishes. Therefore, the few employees that we have are full-time workers. Most of CPL's internal services are subcontracted out to maximize the use of your funds in the Countries that we serve. We also have the added benefit of being aided by a number of volunteers in Loma Linda, CA and Toronto, Canada when needed.

Who We Work With
CPL works in cooperation with Seventh-day Adventist institutions, donating funds to assist with mission projects that are created specifically for communist countries. CPL also assists in a number of significant projects that enhance our ability to do outreach in the communist countries where we have the privilege to serve.