CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL) International Ministries in partnership with the NORTHERN ASIA PACIFIC DIVISION

On Thursday, February 16, 2023, the President of theNorthern Asia Pacific Division, Pr. Kim Yo Han, sent Pastor Oh Beom Seok (Paul), the Director of the North Korea Mission, to meet with CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL) International Ministries’ administration. This productive encounter took place at CPL’s International headquarters in Loma Linda, CA.

During such an important meeting, the Northern Asia PacificDivision shared with open hearts what they have done towards their desire to share the SDA message in North Korea, and CPL International presented a detailed report of more than 11 Outreach Initiatives that they have put in place for North Korea since 2007. 

While each organization had used some different approaches, both parties agreed that there is still so much to do on behalf of the“special” people of North Korea. 

After a productive discussion, CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL)International Ministries agreed to work in partnership with the North KoreaMission of the Northern Asian Pacific Division on two major projects during the year 2023:

  •  CPL will provide the financial support for the training of Chinese-citizen Native Lay Missionaries who are North Koreans by blood and who lead in ministry in SDA congregations where North Koreans come to worship in communist China.
  •  CPL will provide the logistics and the financial support to develop an SDA Radio Program for North Korea from a radio station at the border between Russia and North Korea. This initiative has been a long-held dream of the Northern Asia Pacific Division.

Both entities took the time to glorify God for what has been accomplished up to this point, with special recognition of those CPL Mission Partners who choose to support the work in North Korea despite comments from some who have been so critical of such a necessary approach.

 We thank you for your desire to offer a life-changing experience to the people of the most restricted country of the world, NORTHKOREA.