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Happy New Year!

January 19, 2017

Let me share with you one of the exciting miracles from God that occurred over this past holiday season. To really grasp the immense power that God displayed, you must first understand what it’s like to live as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian in the communist country of Laos.




The few books that are permitted have to have a special seal from communist authorities in the front page indicating their approval for distribution.


Even to this day, CPL Ministries must send its proposals to the communist government for books it wishes to print.


The leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Laos partnered with CPL International Ministries to request for the official approval of the government to print 1,500 copies of Steps to Christ and Ministry of Healing.


Though we have yet to acquire the funds to actually put the ink to paper, we moved forward in faith that God will supply our needs so we can distribute these powerful books to the current church membership of 1,300 in Laos.


We knew the request was bold, let alone asking for such a large amount, yet we submitted it anyway.


The Holy Spirit worked on the heart of Honghern Khounpithak, one of the communist officials directly in charge of reviewing the whatever is printed from the National Publishing House. He not only accelerated the approval to print the two books, but approached the SDA mission office in Laos with the following request:


“The two books that have been approved have SUCH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE that I have orders from government officials to go to the Savannakhet Province [the largest province in Laos] to visit 15 of the biggest public schools and hand a copy to every single student. In addition, we have decided to implement a MASSIVE NATIONWIDE DISTRIBUTION so every student in Laos can enjoy these two books.”


Can you imagine? The communist authorities in Laos went from imprisoning those who distribute these very same books to authorizing a nationwide distribution of Steps to Christ and Ministry of Healing!


Mr. Khounpithak was able to receive our remaining stock of 300 books that day which composed of 200 copies of Steps to Christ and 100 copies of Ministry of Healing. To God be the Glory!


But God’s miracle did not end there. The same communist publishing review committee is currently proofreading the proposal for possibly printing Christ Objects Lessons and The Story of Redemption.


Leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Laos are cautiously optimistic that the books will be approved and printed. However, by now you are familiar with CPL’s favorite Bible verse found in John 14:14: “For whatever you ask in my name, I will do it for you.”


It costs $2.50 USD to print one copy of Steps to Christ and $6.50 USD to print one copy of Ministry of Healing in the Laos language. Since God inspired a nonbeliever to distribute His books for us, we believe God will also pay for the books that will be given out. One way is through generous mission minded partners like you!


Dear CPL Faith Partner, will you join our efforts in completing our portion of God’s miracle in communist Laos?








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