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Venezuela In Crisis

May 25, 2017

We’ve been waiting for the United Nations to finally declare Venezuela as a communist country but we can’t wait any longer.


Communism always starts the same. The poor are promised that they will no longer live in poverty. They are told that things will be better under a “social” revolution. The finger is pointed to the United States of America as the main reason for going in the wrong direction.


Each leader of this “unique” revolution then promises to solve everything with three words: Fatherland, Socialism, or Death! It was the same for Stalin in Russia, Fidel Castro in Cuba, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Mao in China, and unfortunately the same with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela the summer of 1998.


Here are just some of what’s happening today since the socialist revolution began in Venezuela:


  • A person CANNOT EXPRESS HIS OR HER FEELINGS about the current government authorities, including the President. If so, the individual is taken to prison.

  • The capital city of Caracas has been declared the MOST VIOLENT PLACE outside of a war zone in 2015.

  • There is an EXTREME SHORTAGE OF FOOD AND MEDICINE. People wait in line for over a day to find nothing more than grains of rice and handfuls of beans.

  • A third of the parents prefer for their children to continue sleeping rather than go to school so that they won’t feel the HUNGER PAINS.

  • THE HOSPITALS don’t have enough gloves or saline solution despite the government’s claims of having the best health care system. They don’t have antibiotics, painkillers, anesthesia, or muscle relaxants to deal with their overwhelming daily medical cases, much less to aid the Emergency Room full of malnourished people.

  • THE PRESENCE OF THE MILITARY HAS INCREASED. There are over 1,300 generals. ¾ of the country’s governors are military personnel. 75% of the top government leaders for health, commerce, education, economy are also military.

  • Socialist Officials CONFISCATED THE HOMES and properties of the people as a “contribution to the revolution.”


As most of you know, CPL International Ministries is an official ASI ministry that supports God’s mission in the communist countries of the world through direct evangelistic programs and humanitarian relief programs.


Due to the increasing lack of food in Venezuela, CPL International Ministries supports and provides funds for a number of FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTERS using Seventh-day churches, community feeding programs, centers that treat alcoholism, center of influences in major cities of Venezuela. Our focus towards sensitive and classified projects are targeted towards supporting our church members whose lives under socialism have been destroyed of any possibility of Hope.


More than 90 church districts in Venezuela are without a pastor due to the ongoing amount of pastors that have fled Venezuela. Some of the districts are composed of 20 to 24 congregations each.


At CPL International Ministries, we decided to quickly respond by using the same structure as the other communist countries we work in. CPL recruits native lay missionaries to take over and lead small church districts in return for a monthly salary of $20 US dollars.


SDA church leaders in Venezuela are making an additional last minute request to see if the CPL family of faith partners can help with the cost of training the native lay missionaries for one month. This basic training will prepare them not only to win souls for Jesus but also teach them to deal with the administrative work of pastor.


As you know, there is no other ministry that focuses full time in the communist countries of the world. We would like to respond to this urgent need by supporting the hiring of one hundred native lay missionaries at the rate of $20 US dollars per month.


Would you consider donating $240 TOWARDS THE HIRING OF ONE NATIVE LAY MISSIONARY in the unofficial communist country of Venezuela.


Would you be willing to add another $100 TO PAY FOR ONE MONTH OF THIS MUCH NEEDED TRAINING?


Despite the repressive socialism in Venezuela, hundreds of people have joined the church each year. The Seventh-day Adventist message has gone into villages that have never been entered before. Home-church congregations are at an all time high.


As I finish this special appeal, allow me to use the words of Ellen G. White:


“The nations are in unrest. Times of perplexity are upon us. Men’s hearts are failing them for fear of the things that are coming upon the earth. But those who believe in God will hear His voice amid the storm, saying, ‘It is I; be not afraid.’” - The Signs of the Times, October 9, 1901 





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