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CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES International Ministries

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To some people, the name Vietnam is synonymous with conflict, turbulence, despair, or betrayal. However, if you come and live among the people in areas like Bac Viet Nam, Bac Trung, Hanoi, you will find a nation full of life with thousands of motorbikes on the roads and people with sincere hearts – searching for a better way of living, even beyond what this world could offer to them. To the Vietnamese people, love for their community and their belief that they are stronger together than they are apart bring them a sense of belonging.


The Seventh-day Adventist message arrived in communist Vietnam around 1929. Once the war ended in 1975, the church went through some difficult times due to the fact that many pastors moved away, mostly to the United States, leaving their churches without leadership.


Today, Changing People’s Lives International Ministries actively ministers in Vietnam by hiring native lay missionaries across the country. Due to the humanitarian aid we provide, the communist government has come to appreciate and respect our work to improve the lives of their people. As a kind gesture to the native lay missionaries from Vietnam, CPL recently sponsored one of the first gatherings of the native lay missionaries around the country. This was made possible through our dedicated CPL Faith Partners.

Consider helping us respond to the urgent need of placing native lay missionaries among the Hmong people who live in the northern part of Vietnam. One of their major leaders had a revelation that CHRISTIANITY was the way for a better living. He traveled for days looking for help in pursuit to find out more about Christianity. Led by God’s guiding hand, he crossed paths with Changing People’s Lives International Ministries. Now we are currently busy sharing Jesus and HIS love to more than 45,000 Hmong people!


Come and partner with us. Experience life from a different perspective as you bring HOPE to the people in the communist country of Vietnam.