Led by God’s own hands, CPL International is a different ministry for different people, to whom we are extremely thankful for their involvement, prayers and financial support and partnership with us in providing a life changing experience opportunity to millions of people within the challenging communist countries of the world!

CPL work in China
China flag
Supporting communication centers in “special zones” in the western section of the communist country of China.
CPL work in Cuba
Cuba flag
Active and ongoing establishment of Home-Church congregations on the island of Cuba.
CPL work in North Korea
North Korea flag
North Korea
The Establishment of a Dental Clinic in the capital city of Pyongyang, North Korea.
CPL work in Vietnam
Vietnam flag
The hiring of Native Lay Missionaries in the most remote areas of the communist country of Vietnam.
CPL work in Laos
Laos flag
Providing food in real time during the worst of the pandemic in provinces within the communist country of Laos.
CPL work in Venezuela
Venezuela flag
Direct and Personal Assistance on site to those who escape by foot from the Socialist country of Venezuela.