Divisions of Service

The Spiritual Outreach Division

This Division facilitates, coordinates, and supports the following initiatives:

Develops and coordinates the accomplishment of urgently needed projects in those countries where we are called to serve in ministry.

Facilitates your participation on a one-time or monthly basis for a specific period in sponsoring those initiatives or to help you find an initiative where your financial support makes a direct difference.

Coordinates live CPL Presentations at your request for Devotionals at your Women’s or Men’s Retreats, School Mission Project, Pathfinders’ celebration, Day of Missions or religious liberty convocations at your local church, or the possible involvement of your co-workers in a specific project.

Coordinates Mission Trips of a spiritual nature (Evangelism, etc.) to countries where Religious Freedom is highly restricted for one week or a long weekend.

The Humanitarian Division

This Division coordinates the following elements among others:

Gathering and fundraising needed funds for a specific Humanitarian Initiative.

Providing Humanitarian Assistance at a moment’s notice to those critical areas and countries in need regardless of their political circumstances, their beliefs, and conditions.

Instead of creating a completely new structure, CPL uses current and trusted networks already established where we work in direct partnership with others. At CPL International we believe that in times of REAL need who gets the credit for what is being done is irrelevant. In other words, we do not believe in or practice putting up “Red Tape.”

CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL) International Ministries is already officially recognized by government authorities in countries like: Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, China, North Korea, Venezuela and beyond.

The International Mission Service Division

This Division coordinates, provides current information, and establishes the process for you to participate and lead in any mission trip CPL International offers, both domestic and international.

The goal at CPL International is to have a “MENU” of mission experiences related to our current profession, occupation, or that special “something” that you are passionate about.

At CPL International we can customize the mission experience for you and your group, but we also offer already organized mission trips where you are welcome to participate.