Mission Partner

“Take advantage of every opportunity to do good.” Ephesians 5:16

CPL delegation at the airport
A couple praying together


This is one of the most appreciated ministries within the mission of CPL: We need weekly prayer for the following REAL and ROTATING NEEDS:

  • Pray for those government authorities where we have a specific project. Many of those projects can only take place if we have their approval.

  • Pray for each one of our Native Lay Missionaries, both underground and aboveground, whom we sponsor through your very much appreciated financial support.

  • Pray for some “sensitive” initiatives that take place for us, many times at the risk of our teams’ own lives. Once you call, we can share with you some of the surrounding circumstances.

  • Pray for the spiritual and physical needs of CPL Ministries.

  • For specific requests that come daily from our family of CPL Mission Partners.

  • Pray for IMPOSSIBLE things!

Become a Travel Partner


  • Those who can distribute our electronic and physical newsletters.

  • Those who can coordinate the large number of CPL Presentations around the world by donating a couple of hours of their time.

  • Those who can share their gift of time with us by working in our office on a voluntary support status.

  • To those who can use their telephone and social media to share with other mission partners some of the opportunities that are currently open to change people’s lives for eternity (these windows of opportunity only open for very short periods of time).

  • Those who are gifted in writing reports of the needs and initiatives of the CPL Mission within those challenging communist countries where we are called to serve.

Become a Working Partner
A group of people working together
A couple looking at a map


This type of partnership is also open to the other two classes of partners, where your participation would enhance the following:

  • As a chaperone on a school mission trip.

  • As a member of a support team on any of the many missions trips CPL sponsors.

  • Those who would like to come and see firsthand some of the actual initiatives that CPL develops.

  • A partner who has previous traveling experience that could take some specific assignments on behalf of the ministry.

  • There will be times that you can’t personally travel but could sponsor a friend, relative, or another CPL Mission Partner to help in one of the above needed areas.

Become a Prayer Partner