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7 day mission trip
Puerto Rico

A mission experience for the youth and the young at heart.

To clean 20 miles of coastline (beaches) on the Island of Enchantment - Puerto Rico, US Territory.
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Clean beaches in Puerto Rico
Facts about

Puerto Rico

PUERTO RICO is an island 100 miles long and 35 miles wide at the biggest point. You can drive around the island in no more than 3 hours.

A very large number of those who make possible the success of the island’s international activities are Puerto Rican graduates of engineering programs from universities located in Puerto Rico.

Despite being such a small island, Puerto Rico holds an impressive list of world recorded musicians and a very large number of Miss Universes.

The vast majority of people in Puerto Rico are Christians who love to share their faith and their happiness that comes from their loving hearts.

Changing People's Lives (CPL) International has a variety of different mission trips where you can participate regardless of your area of expertise. In other words, CPL International offers a variety of “menus” for mission experiences, both national and international. For example:

  • A medical mission experience to the islands of Roatan and Utila, the Bay islands in Honduras
  • A mission experience to clean beaches in Puerto Rico
  • A mission to plant One Thousand Trees in Costa Rica;
  • To provide much needed computer and social media assistance in the state of Alaska
  • A spiritual exchange experience in the last communist country of the western hemisphere: Cuba;

And for those that love construction we offer a mission experience that brings HOPE back to people in Puerto Rico who need help repairing their homes.

We also offer mission trips for choirs, orchestras, school groups, and beyond.

Changing People's Lives (CPL) International is the most reliable alternative for a mission trip. We constantly update our menu of mission experiences, both local and international.

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Mission Trip Highlights

Proof of being fully vaccinated is required to participate in this mission experience. There are no exceptions to this requirement under ANY circumstances.

Puerto Rico is a US territory and, as such, you don’t need a US passport.

This particular mission experience is open to parents, as well as whoever would like to participate, in addition to being a chaperone. We may need their help and involvement in the preparation of meals at the beach.  

Since you are coming to clean beaches, please be sure you have the following items with you: helmet (a heavy one like the ones used for construction; gloves(heavy gloves like the ones used in construction projects. No plastic gloves under any circumstances); Pick stick (a stick with a point on the end used to pick up trash). Your group should have a couple of designated people that will bring long heavy bags to pick up the trash; good sunblock; bug repellent;headache medication; a strong umbrella; a long sleeved shirt as well as heavy jeans for picking up trash (doing this work in shorts leads to a very real possibility of getting wounded by a sharp object). Please also bring heavy tennis shoes or plastic boots needed to do the work safely.

A person within your group should bring a complete First Aid kit, plus proof of medical insurance will be required for all participants.(Please keep in mind that some hospitals in Puerto Rico may not take your particular insurance, but you will get an invoice for your treatment that could be submitted for reimbursement to your insurance company).

Most people in Puerto Rico speak English, so that is not a problem. However, you will be surprised to see how fast you can speak Spanish, especially if you need Agua(water), Comida (food) or El Baño (the bathroom)

Your cell phone will work perfectly well in Puerto Rico, so you will be able to communicate with friends and family in an instant way.

CPL International does not allow the use of medical marijuana under ANY circumstances, including smoking/vaping, or the consumption of alcoholic beverages. All of these are strictly prohibited at the lodging and surrounding facilities. Any breach of this rule will place you on an airplane back to your home at your own expense within 8 hours after the incident.

There is a possibility of some additional and related activities such as: playing a sport with other young people from the local community, sharing bible stories with other congregations, the playing of musical instruments and the teaching of computer skills and basic English. Please let us know if this is an area in which you or your team would like to participate.

If the lodging of you or your group is located in El Yunque, one of the largest national rain forests of the United States, located in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, you MUST walk with another person. Nobody is allowed to be away from the group by yourself or to visit one of the waterfalls on your own.

You cannot swim at your own leisure in the ocean. When the time comes for such a special activity, you and your group may have to travel to another location on the ocean where it is safe and where our fun and social activities will be supervised by the corresponding lifeguards.

There is a very detailed RELEASE of LIABILITY that you must read thoroughly and with full understanding. This is a legal document that requires your full signature and that cannot be adjusted or altered to your own circumstances.

The absence of this signed document will not allow you to participate with CPL International, even if you are ready to board the plane.  

One of the most important goals of this special experience is to reflect on the character of Jesus and share HIS amazing love with others.