Changing People’s Lives (CPL) International Ministries is a major contributor in the establishment of a mission within the communist country of Cuba in its province with the lowest presence of Seventh-Day Adventists.

On January 31, 2023, the President of CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL) International Ministries, Pr. Eliseo Lozano, was one of the main guests at the organization and inauguration of the VILLA PERLA Mission whose headquarters is located in the city of Santa Clara, Cuba.

The above mission, located in the central section of Cuba, covers a territory of 1.2 million people with only 0.2 million of them who could be considered Seventh-day Adventist. Pr. Lozano, our president, is a graduate from Antillean College in Puerto Rico, which used to be in the province of Sta. Clara, Cuba, before the revolution.


At the end of 2021, the administration of the Villa Perla Mission reached out to CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL) International Ministries for help and almost immediately, CPL put in place the same work strategy that has been used in the past at the West and Nuevo Amanecer Conferences within the Cuban Union of Seventh Day Adventists for almost 20 years.


Native Lay Missionaries were sponsored and Home-Churches were established through CPL International. Much-needed motorcycles were donated to each pastor within the mission and additional monthly salaries were given through the support of CPL Mission Partners to the entire Ministerial and Native Lay Missionary workforces, in addition to providing for the remodeling of the new offices.


This past January 31, 2023, Pr. Eliseo Lozano and CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL) International Ministries were recognized by the Administrators from both the Cuban Union of Seventh Day Adventists and the Villa Perla Mission Administration.


We want to extend our deepest gratitude to those CPL Mission Partners who give in sacrifice to make a real difference in people’s lives within the last communist country of the western hemisphere: Cuba.


To God be the Glory!