CPL International at the 2023 North Korea Conference

Our CPL International President, invited by the administration from the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, attended and participated in the most recent North Korea Conference. This inspirational conference was held from March 24 through March 26, 2023, at the Sahmyook University Church in South Korea.

Elder Gary Krause, Adventist Mission Director at the General Conference of SDA, made one of the most powerful presentations in terms of reaching North Korea with the SDA message, followed by a Sabbath presentation by the General Conference Executive Secretary Pr. Erton Köhler, who based his presentation on the title: Mission is a Miracle!

Changing People’s Lives handed more the funds to Pr. Oh, the Division’s Director of the North Korea Mission for the financial sponsorship needed for the upcoming and much anticipated Korean-Chinese Layman Leaders Training Program to be held from April 09- April 13, 2023, on the island of Jeju.

In response to the request from the Adventist World RadioAsia Pacific Region, CPL International took upon themselves to develop, support, and financially sponsor a Seventh Day Adventist radio broadcast from the border of Russia and North Korea that will bring hope to the loving North Korean people.

At CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES (CPL) International Ministries there is no issue of who gets the credit – we feel honored and privileged to support AWR’s overall mission.

Keep in mind that at the present time there are more than 160 daily terrestrial broadcasts that target North Korea through Short Wave RadioFrequencies broadcast by a number of different organizations.

Your prayers of support towards CPL’s Involvement and the need to overcome the typical challenges of an operation like this one are extremely needed and appreciated.

-Pr. Eliseo Lozano, CPL President and one of the guest participants at the 2023 NK Mission Conference:

The important funds were given by a group of CPLMission Partners for the Korean-Chinese Layman Leaders training program. Pr. Oh Beom Seok, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division’s North Korea Mission Director, and Elder Li Long Nan from the Yanji province in communist China, were the recipients of such a valuable contribution.

Elder Gary Krause, the General Conference’s AdventistMission Director, and Pr. Erton Köhler, the General Conference ExecutiveSecretary, made a profound contribution to the overall conference and shared an active challenge for involvement.

CPL’s commitment and involvement in missions into North Korea remains at an all-time high and is active both in supporting the Northern Asia-Pacific Division Administration and the work of AWR’s Asia Pacific Region.

Doctor Kim Yo Han, Northern Asian Pacific Division President, and Eliseo Lozano, CPL International, partners in missions into North Korea.